I will introduce Ginkakuji Temple the inside

Good evening!

I introduced Ginkakuji Temple admission fee and Karesansui

This time

I will introduce Ginkakuji the inside

Do you know Ginkakuji Temple?


Please look at the above photo

I took a photo of Ginkakuji Temple

It's a little far from the shooting location?

Shooting over the fence is prohibited

We kindly ask for your understanding


Please look at the above photo

Japanese pond is very beautiful

Don't you think it's beautiful?

I think It's cozy!


Please look at the above photo

I think it's a traditional Japanese buillding

Kanji and wooden buillding

I feel Japan

Please come Ginkakuji Temple

How did you like it?

I introduced Ginkakuji Temple the inside

I'm glad I came here!

Nice talking with you!

See you next time!

Thank you for reading!